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Vein Treatments Newberry SC

Medical Compression Stockings Newberry SC

Medical compression stockings are used to support the venous system in the legs. They offer graduated compression, which means the pressure they apply at the ankle is greater than at the thigh, and decreases gradually as you move upwards. This graduation acts to squeeze fluids (blood and lymph) up and out of the legs.

Sclerotherapy Newberry SC

Sclerotherapy is a very common spider vein treatment and can be used to treat smaller varicose veins. It is generally used to treat spider veins visible to the naked eye (visual sclerotherapy), but can also be used to treat veins just under the surface and out of sight (ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy). Sclerotherapy for varicose veins and spider veins involves the injection of a chemical solution directly into the vein which irritates the vein wall, causing it to spasm and close down permanently.

Vein Closure Surgery Newberry SC

Ligation and stripping was historically the primary varicose vein treatment, but has been largely supplanted by endovenous ablation procedures in recent years. EVLT (also known as laser vein ablation) is a minimally-invasive procedure for treatment of saphenous and other superficial veins, which can ultimately help with varicose vein treatment. In certain circumstances (e.g. large veins) it is still appropriate and indicated.

Vein Stripping Newberry SC

Vein stripping (also called ligation & stripping) is commonly done under general or regional anesthesia in an operating room. An incision is made in the groin, and the problem vein is tied off at its origin (ligation). Then, a wire ‘stripper’ is inserted down the vein, and the vein is then pulled out (stripping). Remaining vein branches (from which the removed vein has been stripped) may cause some additional bleeding and bruising, but this usually subsides with time. Recovery usually takes one to four weeks.

Venous Leg Ulcer Treatment Newberry SC

It is critical that venous ulcers be treated appropriately by a vein specialist. Diagnostic testing will help to determine the particular pattern of diseased veins causing the problem. Treatment will typically involve attempts to reduce the swelling in the area and the pressure in the veins. Possible treatments often include wound dressings,compression stockings or bandages, varicose vein treatments (e.g., endovenous laser treatment) and/or a special cast-like boot (called an 'Unna boot'). In severe cases, a skin graft to replace damaged tissue may be warranted.

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