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Medical Compression Stockings Southbridge MA

Medical compression stockings are used to support the venous system in the legs. They offer graduated compression, which means the pressure they apply at the ankle is greater than at the thigh, and decreases gradually as you move upwards. This graduation acts to squeeze fluids (blood and lymph) up and out of the legs.

Brooks Pharmacy
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475 Main St
Southbridge, MA
Brooks Pharmacy
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13 W Main St
Dudley, MA
Walgreen Drug Stores
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100 E Main St
Webster, MA
Cvs Pharmacy
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Webster Shopping Ctr
Webster, MA
Brooks Pharmacy
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175 Main St
Oxford, MA
Brooks Pharmacy
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182 Main St
Sturbridge, MA
Osco Pharmacy
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82 Worcester Rd
Webster, MA
Brooks Pharmacy
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80 E Main St
Webster, MA
Cvs Pharmacy
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302 Main St
Oxford, MA
Stat-Care Pharmacy
(508) 892-8852
111 Huntoon Memorial Hwy
Rochdale, MA

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